Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dubai is one of the best places to invest in real estate

Dubai has become a hot spot for tourists due to its exotic beaches, glamour, architecture and buildings. It is considered as shopper’s paradise due to large and well maintained high class shopping malls with the branded products available from all around the world. Dubai provides a wide range of entertainment to the tourists such as desert safari, water sports, water parks and many restaurants offering dishes from all over the world and provides a totally different experience of dining in an open air on the rooftops. In order to accommodate the increased number of tourists from all around the world, Dubai has invested hugely in real estate and also provides incentives to foreign investors to invest in real estate. Due to its unique building structures and construction techniques, it is able to attract large number of tourists as well as investors and so many new projects have been constructed such as, The Palm Islands.

One of these projects is ‘The Springs Dubai’, it is located in the Emirates Living district of Dubai and consists of well planned community of villas and townhouses that provides its residents a unique, comfortable and luxury lifestyle with facilities that one can dream of. These villas are also available for short term rental purposes and are available in both furnished and unfurnished condition. The villas are available in different sizes depending on square yards. These villas usually consist of two or three or four bedroom, a car parking areaand a pool. There are many other facilities available nearby which includes gyms, community centers, parks, nursery schools, restaurants, banks and supermarkets. Due to the high demand the property of the project has been sold at a high rate.

Another exotic residential structure in the city of Dubai is ‘Dubai Marina’, situated in the heart of New Dubai. It is an artificial canal city which contains almost two hundred high raised buildings that consists of hotels and resorts where everything is available. It is an inspiring location that delights its residents with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and unique lifestyle and advantages to residents of living in such community is that everything is available at a walking distance such as grocery shops. Dubai Marina comprises of two phases and the first phase has been completed. It is the most desirable community in Dubai due to glamorous lifestyle and luxury it offers and it’s well planned construction of its infrastructure.

Arabian Ranches is a community developed by Emaar Properties Dubai, situated in the desert, few miles away from Dubai at the junction of three key ring roads that connects Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. It consists of residential area with other entertainment facilities like driving ranges, polo grounds, high class gym and spa. Basic concept of developing Arabian Ranches is to provide a peaceful environment for tourist and local residents and gives them a break from busy city life. The area is designed in a traditional Arabic style inspired by the beauty of the desert. Dubai is one of the best places to invest in Dubai real estate and also one of the most exotic tourist destinations.

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